BRL Medicine published in Nature Medicine that BRL-101 gene therapy for children with thalassemia has been free of transfusion dependence for more than 2 years


Scientists in BRL Medicine reported a novel two-base editing system in Nature Biotechnology


World’s first clinical trial of non-viral PD1 specific targeted CAR-T therapy achieves great breakthroughs


About BRL Medicine

At BRL Medicine Inc. , we aim to become the world's leading Cellular & Gene pharmaceutical company in the era of new commercial civilization, with the mission of "Through innovation led by gene editing, develop breakthrough human therapeutics and benefit the whole world". With its independent R&D center and the "Shanghai Research Center for Gene Editing and Cell Therapy", jointly established by Bioraylab and university, Bioraylab has obtained more than 100 patent achievements, and initiated 5 Investigator-Initiated clinical Trials (IIT) in 8 leading hospitals in China, with many pipeline projects have entered into IND application stage.

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Gene Therapy

The world's first CRISPR gene editing
treatment of β0/β0 type thalassemia is successful


Cell Therapy

World's first clinical trial of non-viral PD1
specific targeted CART therapy achieves great breakthroughs


Product Pipeline

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