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Change of Entity English Name Letter of Notification


Dear partners and the public:


With the continuous development and growth of our company, our English name has been changed from “BIORAY LABORATORIES Inc.” to “BRL Medicine Inc.” according to the strategic adjustment. With immediate effect, all our internal and external documents, materials, invoices and accounts will use “BRL Medicine Inc.”, and “BIORAY LABORATORIES Inc.” will no longer be used.


After “BRL Medicine Inc.” is launched, the contracts signed under "BIORAY LABORATORIES Inc." will continue to be valid and the original business relationship will remain unchanged. Please kindly understand the inconvenience caused by the change of our English name and we are in need of your support and cooperation.


We very much appreciate your continuous support and love. With the mission of “leading innovation through gene editing, developing breakthrough therapies for the benefit of all mankind”, and with an open, sharing and win-win attitude, we will continue to work with global innovative biopharmaceutical eco- chain companies to accelerate the transformation and implementation of innovative drugs for the benefit of patients with genetic diseases and malignant tumors worldwide!


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Respectfully yours,


BRL Medicine Inc.

January 7, 2022


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